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The Law Offices of Chris Matz P.C. Gives You the advocacy you need

Attorney Chris Matz excels in negotiating the best settlement for his clients. In the instance that negotiation does not work or is not in your best interest, he has the trial skills to litigate the matter. You will need an attorney whom you can trust to fiercely advocate for your rights in court. 

With the high startup costs of opening a marijuana dispensary in the state, you will want to protect your investment throughout all issues from licensing to regulation and compliance. Dealing with government bureaucracies can be frustrating and difficult. Having an attorney on your side who knows the law and how to get results is invaluable. 

Throughout all these legal issues and more, you can count on the strong advocacy which Chris dedicates to every client. Our firm understands that how your case is resolved can have a profound impact on your future. 

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Attorney Chris Matz is an Advocate that will help you navigate through the most difficult times.